Why is my vehicle's paint peeling?

Why is my vehicle's paint peeling?Seeing your vehicle's paint fade and start to peel can be incredibly disheartening if you take any pride in your car or truck's appearance. This is especially true if you take special care of your ride's paint job, providing it with proper washing and waxing. Unfortunately there are other factors that can cause paint peeling. If you notice paint peeling, also known as delamination, one of the following issues may be at fault.

Compromised paint seals

If the paint seal is broken by a deep rock chip or scratch the issue can result in contamination of the paint by outside debris. This too can cause the paint to become unstable, resulting in it peeling.

Paint not applied properly

Even with proper paint prep, if paint is not applied in the correct manner or not allowed to cure for the necessary amount of time, the paint could peel down the road.

Bad paint prep

This is usually true if a vehicle has already been repainted since leaving the factory, though it can happen at the auto manufacturer. Ill performed paint preparation can cause the adhesion of one or more of the paint layers, like the primer, base coat and clear coat, to come undone, resulting in the peeling paint.

UV damage

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause a plethora of damage to the car's finish. The primary issue is fading paint, but if this is not dealt with in a timely manner, it could result in the paint starting to peel.

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