What to do after an Auto Accident

What to do after an Auto AccidentAuto accidents are all too common, but they never get any less frightening when they occur. In the aftermath of a wreck it is likely you'll have to deal with police, doctors, lawyers, insurance agents and other people. While this can be time consuming, it is all important, especially in the moments directly after a wreck. Here is what you should do, ability-willing, as soon as the dust settles.

Check for Injuries

Once the car has come to a complete stop you will want to check yourself for injuries. If you deem yourself OK be sure to check on your passengers, and then on any one else involved in other cars or on the street. If requested or it appears necessary contact emergency services right away.

Contact the Police

Regardless as to if there are injuries or not it is always wise to call 911. A police presence will prevent people from leaving the scene before they legally can and it will give you an opportunity to fill out a police report, which will be valuable to your insurance carrier when you file a new claim.

Collect Evidence

At the scene of the accident it would be wise to take photos with your smartphone. Up close pictures of damages and the wide shots of the scene will be helpful for your insurance claim. Also photograph license and insurance cards of other drivers who were involved. If possible collect witness statements.

Call your Insurance Carrier

Before you leave the accident scene it would be wise to contact your insurance carrier to ensure you are complying with their method of filing a claim. They may ask you to deliver certain evidence to them in person or via fax or email.

Find Expert Auto Body Repair

Once you've taken care of your own body it will likely be time to take care of your car's body. While your insurance company may suggest a preferred auto body repair shop or two it is important to know that you have the legal right to select any licensed auto body repair shop to complete work on your vehicle and your carrier must pay out on the claim. So be sure to shop around for a collision shop that does excellent work.

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