Understanding Hidden Auto Body Damage

Understanding Hidden Auto Body DamageWhen it comes to car accidents there is often more than what meets the eye. While a ding or a dent may prove unsightly on the outside, it's the damage that occurs underneath the skin of your car that can prove really devastating. It takes special training to recognize damages that occur to the structure and mechanicals of a vehicle following an accident, but spotting it may not always come during the initial estimate, so don't be surprised if a shop later informs you of a bigger issue. Here's what you need to know about hidden auto body damage.

Types of Hidden Auto Body Damage

There are many things that can happen to a vehicle during an accident, but to most people, the form, rather than the function, seems to be what takes most of the hit. While this is true to an untrained eye, many issues can occur to a vehicle involved in low or high speed accidents. An auto body repair technician may find problems with steering, brakes, suspension or engine components once restoration work begins. However, two of the most common forms of hidden damages revolve around the frame and crumple zones. These areas need to be perfectly repaired to ensure maximum safety and proper driveability once the car is back on the road.

Identifying Hidden Damage

Following an accident you will most likely visit an auto body shop to receive an estimate, but remember, an estimate is exactly as it sounds. As your vehicle is dismantled for repair it may become apparent that additional issues are present, such as with the frame or mechanicals of the vehicle. These types of problems are found later because there is not a way to spot internal damages to a vehicle until it's skin is peeled back.

Importance of Professional Auto Body Repair

It's crucial that you visit an auto body repair shop following any accident, no matter how slow or fast you were going when it occurred or what type of damage you can see. Not all hidden damage is going to cause immediate driveability issues, but if left unchecked, your car could become a safety hazard. For example, if a brake line is pinched in a fender bender, you face the possibility of losing braking power! By visiting an auto body shop they'll be able properly restore your car to ensure it is safe and reliable to drive.

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Posted: May 6, 2020

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