Simple Tips to Avoid Scratches, Dings & Dents

Simple Tips to Avoid Scratches, Dings & DentsThe moment a person notices a new ding on their car generally makes them do a double take before their heart starts to sink. This happens all too often due to careless mistakes and people who don't care to leave notes when they've inflicted damage to another's vehicle. While it may be impossible to prevent all chances of dings, dents and scratches, there are a few things you can do to keep your vehicle better protected and looking great.

Park indoors when possible

Parking indoors will prevent the chances of the neighbor kids' baseball flying through a car window or putting a nice dent in the door. Of course it also protects your car from hail, which can do quite a bit of damage if you're caught in a storm.

Avoid overgrown driveways

Is there a reason you need to be following that dusty old trail out into the desert? Well if there is just be sure to stay centered on the roadway so your car won't be scratched by low brush or other overgrown plants.

Use wax after washing

The use of wax acts as a barrier for your vehicle's paint coat from dirt, dust and other airborne debris that may scratch the surface if it were to be left unprotected.

Rearview camera

This may seem like an expensive accessory, but they are actually quite affordable, easy to install and provide great rear vision for parallel parking and other instances where you may be in a squeeze.

Avoid leaning on your car

Sure, it might make you look cool when you get your stance just right, but your back jean pocket buttons are going to dig deep into the paint of your ride.

Parking lot awareness

Parking lots are a car's worst nightmare for dings and dents. The possibility of runaway shopping carts and door dings are endless. If possible, park in the back of a lot, where there is less traffic. Better yet, try to snag a corner spot.

There is really only so much you can do to avoid dings and dents. If you do find yourself in need of major or minor auto body repair in Bountiful, head to The Paint Spot. Our team of professional auto body repair techs can fix all types of damage! Give us a call at (801) 797-3920 to request an appointment or estimate for superior collision repair in Bountiful today.

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