Should I choose a different auto body shop than my insurance recommends?

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Should I choose a different auto body shop than my insurance recommends?

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Following a car accident it is understandable if you're shaken up a bit. It is also common for people to fall in line with everything their insurance holder has to say, including about which body shop to bring their vehicle. At this point it is important to understand that you can choose another shop. But what is the point, why shouldn't someone follow their insurance's recommendation? There's a few important reasons, mainly, quality control and money. Be sure to read through these reasons to consider your option for collision repair services.

Insurance and body shop relations

It is not uncommon for body shops and insurance companies to partner together to form beneficial relationships. A body shop will want to be partnered with an insurance company because it will help keep a steady stream of customers coming through their front door. On the other hand an insurance company who partners with a body shop can help dictate which repairs are completed, what parts are used and often times the repairs will be completed at a highly discounted rate, but for the insurance company, not you.

Quality of repairs

When an insurance company is involved in the repair process they often get the last say in which parts are used, and many times they are aftermarket parts that don't offer the same type of quality as a OEM products. If you want your vehicle to be properly repaired be sure to utilize a body shop that promises to use OEM parts for each and every repair.

Another issue with the quality could be that damage that is not easily seen may be left unfixed. This can result in trouble down the road for you and your car.

You have the right to choose

It is necessary to understand that you have the legal right to choose any body shop you want and your insurance must pay out on the claim. There is no law that states your insurance can tell you or even influence you to go to a shop of their choice. They may provide you with recommendations but that is about as far as they can take it.

If you're looking for quality auto body repair in Farmers Branch that won't skimp out during the repair process you need to contact Bergman Collision. We offer Domestic, Asian and European auto body repair services at our modern facility. Tell your insurance you choose Bergman! We will be happy to work with your policyholder to ensure that all repairs are properly completed. Call Bergman's today at (972) 362-6780 to request a free quote or to make an appointment for professional collision repair in Farmers Branch!

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Written By Brian Corey

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