Broken Windows: Common Auto Glass Repair

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Broken Windows: Common Auto Glass Repair

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Broken windows can happen for a number of reasons on vehicles. From flying rocks or other debris to the careless and mean acts of others, finding yourself stuck with broken glass is always disheartening. Fortunately auto glass is a fairly easy fix, as long as you take the problem to a qualified collision repair and auto glass repair shop. These are some of the most common forms of auto glass repair performed today.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

Depending on the type of damage suffered by the windshield it may be able to be repaired, such as if it has a small chip or crack. Larger damage will result in a need for windshield replacement.

Back Windshield Replacement

The back window of your vehicle doesnít usually succumb to smaller flaws, but it may break if youíre rear ended or involved in some other sort of accident.

Door Glass Repair

Door glass is a relatively simple fix and most shops can order replacements for nearly all vehicles on the road today.

Rear Passenger Glass Repair

This type of glass, such as that in a 3rd row seat SUV or the window of the backseat in a two door coupe, can sometimes be a bit more tricky to reinstall, but is possible nonetheless.

Sliding Truck Glass Repair

If you lock your keys in your truck donít try to pop these windows open, if they break they are some of the most expensive to fix on a vehicle!

Wing Window Repair

Newer vehicles arenít generally equipped with wing windows, but if the part can be sourced for your late model or classic car, it can certainly be reinstalled by a qualified glass technician.

Sunroof Glass Replacement

A broken sunroof can result in major interior damage if it starts to rain!

If your vehicle has suffered some sort of glass damage donít hesitate to get it taken care of in order to protect your car from inclement weather and thieves. For professional auto glass repair in Farmers Branch head to Bergman Collision. We offer complete collision and autobody repair in Farmers Branch for all import and domestic vehicles. Give us a call at (972) 362-6780 to request an appointment today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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