A Few Easy Tips to Avoid Paint Scratches

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A Few Easy Tips to Avoid Paint Scratches

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If you have recently purchased a new car or just had your reliable old vehicle repainted you most likely want to do your best in order to protect its fresh finish. While it may be dang near impossible to hide your daily driver from every possible incident that could cause a scratch there are several things you can do to ensure your vehicle's finish looks great for years to come. Here are 4 tips to reduce your chances of paint scratches.

Avoid Brush

One of the most common causes of light vehicle scratches is caused by overgrowth on the roadway. If you end up driving on a narrow street with overgrown bushes that stick out into the lane do your best to stay as centered as possible, or avoid the road altogether. If you must travel down this particular path be sure to drive slowly in order to minimize the chances of damage done by the bushes.

Careful Parking

Parking lots are dangerous places for vehicles. In order to reduce your chances of ending up with door dings or shopping cart scratches you may have to park a bit further from the entrance of the place you're going. Try parking away from other cars, and if possible in a corner spot. However, never double park, as this is rude and in many places illegal and may lead to your car getting towed.

Don't Dry Wipe

If your car has become covered in dirt or dust never use a dry cloth to wipe it away. Doing so can cause the debris to be rubbed into the vehicle's paint, causing tiny scratches that will be very visible. With that in mind, always remember this last tip.

Proper Washing Techniques

In order to protect your vehicle from harmful debris be sure you regularly wash it using industry approved washing materials. Use plenty of water to rinse the vehicle before every laying a hand (or soft washing cloth or mitt) on the vehicle in order to remove as much loose debris as possible. After a good wash be sure to apply wax for extra protection and to give your vehicle a great shine!

Even the most careful of drivers are subject to having their vehicles dinged, dented and scratched. Luckily there are places like Bergman Collision that can remove the damage to restore the looks of your vehicle! Our technicians regularly conduct scratch repair in Dallas at our modern auto body repair facility. They also conduct complete collision repair, paintless dent removal, vehicle painting and more! Call Bergman today at (972) 362-6780 to schedule an appointment for superior collision repair in Farmers Branch.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ