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FAQ: Auto Body Repair

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If you have been involved in an auto accident you no doubt have many different questions about what happens next. While it is likely that plenty of them have to do with your physical health, insurance coverage and so forth, it's plausible that you want to get your car back on the road. After the dust has settled be sure to read through these FAQs and then reach out to a reliable auto body repair shop to have the rest of your questions answered.

What is the auto body repair process?

The repair process will vary based on the type of damage your vehicle has sustained. In minor accidents it may just mean conducting paintless dent removal, scratch repair or fixing a broken window. A more intense accident may require complete vehicle reconstruction and frame repair.

What is frame straightening?

In nearly 50 percent of all accidents it is found that the frame of the vehicle has been damaged. The frame is what supports the engine, transmission, body and other vehicle components. To straighten it hydraulic force is used to pull and push it to within micro measurements of its original specs.

Can I choose who services my car after an accident?

Yes, after an accident you have the right to choose which repair shop you want to use. Your insurance company can't tell you where to go.

Is it necessary to have my car looked at if I can't see any damage after a collision?

Even if you can't see any visible damage there may be hidden damage that will alter the way your vehicle performs. Always have a car checked out following any collision.

How much does auto body repair cost?

The cost of repairs will vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage. However, your insurance policy may cover some of the services.

Will my car ever look as good as it did before the accident?

As long as you bring your vehicle to a professional auto body repair shop you will never be able to tell it was damaged! It will drive great and look spectacular!

Where can I get great auto body repair in Dallas?

If you are looking for a Dallas auto body shop that can restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition then you need to visit Bergman Collision in Farmers Branch. We provide full service accident repair for all makes and models of vehicles. Our modern facility is equipped with state of the art repair tools, allowing us to get your car back on the road quickly. To request an estimate for collision repair in Dallas or elsewhere in the vicinity of Farmers Branch call (972) 362-6780 to speak with a friendly staff member at Bergman Collision.

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